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Hello There, Friend!

We know that many students will be attending public school after kindergarten, so ABC Day School has a program that prepares them for that journey and the success they will soon achieve. Guaranteed, our students at ABC Day School are taught levels above the public school level, so our kindergarten here is almost 2nd grade-level in public school. Most of all, ABC Day School is like a family! We want each child to feel included, thus, we focus on promoting positive behavior through reward systems and working with each student’s needs.

Welcome to the Family!


Weekly newsletters will be sent to your home to let you know what lessons and activities our class will be covering. These newsletters will be sent home every Friday in their homework folders.


Homework will be spelling, reading, writing, and doing math. Occasionally, science may also be assigned. In addition to homework, there will be a reading log and to be filled out daily. There will also be a monthly reward for students who fill out their reading logs and turn them in at the end of each month. Because at ABC Day School, we believe that good readers are great leaders!

Curriculum – A Brief Overview:

ABC Day School utilizes the WEE Learning curriculum.

Themes and words will be based on the pre-kindergarten curriculum, but there will be 2nd grade level and 3rd grade level words added.

Math – This subject includes teaching kids how to do addition and subtraction, problem solving, shapes, graphs, fractions, time, and money.
Science – The children and their teachers will discuss the weather, animal habitats, rocks, land, bodies of water, plants, space, and more.
Social Studies – In this subject, our students will be learning about holidays, celebrating other cultures, important American citizens, map skills, citizenship, and community helpers.
Communication Arts – ABC Day School uses a SOLM assessment to assess the student’s grammar skills and communication skills as they learn English.
ELAR – We will be working on literacy activities using a balanced literacy approach called “Daily 5”, which consists of mini lessons that pertain to word study, writing, and reading. The students will participate in hands-on literacy stations, and guided reading small groups with the teacher. In addition, we will be working on comprehension strategies, writing styles for different purposes and grammar activities.

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Should you wish to learn more about our school or enroll your child with us, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We would be more than glad to cater to your requests as soon as we can.