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School News

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Parent’s Testimonials

See what our clients have to say about our staff and services by reading some of the testimonials they sent. If you like to share your experience in working with us, you are more than welcome to send your testimonials.

  1. Steven Li’ mother

    Words cannot express my gratitude and honor and how great three years for my lovely Steven. You really made the first educational years of my son a great success, three years full of education, learning’s, respect, activities and much more. I know and believe that this is the best school for any child to start his educational years, ... Read more

    I am really grateful to what Steven has reached to, I am really impressed by his work done under your supervise . Thank you for a great start.. I will never forget you, all of you, your care, your confidence and Love. Lastly, I would like to thank each one in this lovely school.

  2. Jia Song

    Great school and great teachers! My daughter studied at ABC Day School for a year and she can read and write Chinese very well. Now she’s in kindergarten and her teacher is very impressed by her math skills...Read more

    My daughter had a lot of fun at this school too. We like this school.

  3. Samantha H

    I am appreciate how ABC Day School help my kid grow. They have great teachers. My kid loves all her teachers. Ms. Spring is caring, flexible, and easy to communicate. She works with me to find the best way to education my girl...Read more

    Ms. Lori builds up my kid’s foundation and helps her to find her confidence to move forward. Ms. Austin challenges my kid to be the best she can be and make it fun. Bilingual education also enhanced my kid’s ability on learning. I highly recommend this school! I am amazed how much my kid has grown.

  4. Yuliang Zhou

    My whole family do love this school. My daughter have a very good time in this place and the teachers are all friendly and professional...Read more

    We are appriciate for their work on my daughter. Thanks.

  5. Sze Sze Tong, proud mother of Elizabeth Vo

    I have a five-year-old daughter who is currently enrolled in the Kindergarten program at ABC Day School on the Preston Campus. I would like to share with you my experience as a proud parent with the wonderful staff at ABC...Read more

    Our daughter started with ABC when we first moved back to the Dallas area not too long after she turned two years old. She was a very shy and introverted little girl who was experiencing difficulties with the transition because of our move. Since her enrollment in ABC, I can tell you that she has blossomed into a very extraverted, talkative, and confident little “big” girl. I truly believe that her time with the teachers at ABC has helped tremendously in this regard. They have been great in instilling and encouraging her growth, both socially and academically. The instruction at ABC is wonderful starting from a very young age. Our daughter was writing words, composing sentences, and working math problems at a rate that is very advanced for her age. She had no problems with learning because the teachers at ABC made it fun and interesting for her so that it maintained her attention and retention of the information. (As an aside, she has loved ALL of her teachers!) When it came time to decide whether to enroll our daughter in either public or private school, it was not an easy decision. Ultimately, we chose ABC over the public school system because we felt that she would continue to grow and solidify the knowledge that she had gained during her pre-Kindergarten year and be successful as she transitions into first grade. Though the public schools in the area in which we live are well respected, the variability of children entering Kindergarten does impact the overall class curriculum. So the concern was that my daughter would not have the opportunity to move forward in her knowledge and, quite frankly, be bored out of her mind. I truly believe that keeping her at ABC was the best decision that we made for our daughter. She has been able to remain with her group of peers with whom she has grown up such that she has blossomed both socially and emotionally; she has been able to continue to strengthen her basic academics going into first grade (Ms. Heather has been wonderful in keeping them on target with their academic development while making it fun and interactive); and she has received more focused attention to foster that growth. Most importantly (and the part that tipped the scale for us), she has continued to learn Chinese. The half-day Chinese structure of the curriculum at ABC has been wonderful in maintaining that exposure at a high level for her that she would have otherwise been missing. It is amazing how much more Chinese she seems to know and has been able to retain and use as she matures. She is always singing and dancing to the latest and greatest tune that she learns in class. She comes home and will now use her Chinese words appropriately and without prompting. This is amazing because we are an English speaking home, so having her use what she knows is a beautiful thing to witness. She likes to teach us a few things as well.
    As a parent, I know that the decision can be a difficult one for various reasons, but it has worked out well for our child. I would imagine that it would work out wonderfully for your child as well. Good luck with the decision making process. I wish that I could be there to share this information with you personally, but unfortunately, I am working this morning. If you have any questions that you think that I can help you with, please let Spring or Sherry know and I would be more than happy to talk with anyone about our experience.

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