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WEE Learning

ABC Day School follows guidelines from the WEE Learn Curriculum. This curriculum focuses on thematic units that are designed to stimulate a child’s curiosity about themselves and their environment. This curriculum offers so many exploration and learning opportunities. Thus, our teachers will guide your children through this curriculum to discover their strengths and talents. We also encourage each of our students to make use of their five senses: seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching.

Extra Learning

ABC Day School aims to widen your kid’s learning perspectives through our various extracurricular activities that will nurture and develop their innate talents and skills.


Enhance your child’s dancing skills through our exciting dance classes that are conducted by our friendly and professional dance teachers. Let them groove to the music together with their friends and enjoy their dance session with us. Dancing is also a great way for them to express their emotions through movement without violence and any unwanted behavior.


Our art classes will help flourish your child’s ingrained talent in the arts. This class is specially created to provide nourishment for their interest in creating their masterpieces. Our dedicated teachers will give them full support and encouragement to their chosen field, to help bring out their best.


Our piano class is open for all kids who are interested in learning to play the piano. Indulge your kid’s ears to good music and let them create their own harmony today. Give your child the opportunity to learn something new; enroll them in our piano program.


Add a structural exercise to your kid’s daily routine in a fun and exciting way. Our jump bunch helps promote physical fitness specifically for kids who don’t get enough physical activity, due to their parent’s busy schedule. Together with their peers, they will experience a new way of exercise that they will surely grow to love and possibly bring into their routine for years to come.

Chinese Class

New Concept Chinese is a series of “localized textbooks for oversea students” based on 15 years’ experience of Chinese teaching abroad. The book suits a wide range of students, from 4-year-old kids to high school students. It touches upon Chinese literature, geology, history, philosophy, and many areas relating to the rich Chinese culture. Finishing this course, the students would have a good mastery of 2,500 Chinese characters. The textbooks are full-color printed, beautifully decorated, and rich in contents.


ABC Day School uses Ma Liping Curriculum in After School program. The most advanced feature of Ma Liping Curriculum is its attempt to introduce Chinese in a fundamentally different yet utterly effective way of teaching and learning. It is best for children who have some fluency in Mandarin Chinese in that it is the heritage language of their family. Instead of following suit with many existing textbook series, the Ma series focuses on lower grades, primarily on building adequate vocabulary through repeated exposure to and spiral expansion of characters presented in fun and culturally appealing contents. Through the Ma series, students are expected to know 1,500 of the most frequent words used in general Chinese books by 4th grade.


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Preparing for your Child’s Future

Using WEE Curriculum, we hope to help prepare your child for a smooth transition into elementary school when they graduate from our programs. We do this through the following:

  • Step by step, we guide them through basic skills and higher learning.
  • Word after word, we help them learn different ways to communicate clearly.
  • Time and time again, we hope they will look back at their years with ABC Day School and only have wonderful memories, which they can take with them as they grow to be responsible, intelligent, and creative individuals.

ABC Day School believes that each child is unique and has different ways of learning. They are also capable of so many things if they can learn to unlock their potentials and talents. Thus, we present our curricula, WEE Learning and Extra Learning that will accommodate your little one’s needs for learning new things that are essential for his or her future.

Good Manners and Values as the Foundations of Academic Learning

ABC Day School emphasizes on teaching children the importance of respect, resiliency, and responsibility while they are gaining and developing academic knowledge. The best way to do this is by setting an example for our young learners to follow. As educators, we make it a point to be role models for our students so that they may learn to follow good behavior and proper socialization with their peers.

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