Prepare your little one for school!
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ABC Day School’s preschool program focuses on helping children ages 18 months to 3 years old discover their innate skills, talents, and capabilities in various fields. Our skill building lessons will help our children prepare themselves for school. The lessons that they will learn will purposefully help them cope with the different situations that they will face at school with their classmates, teachers, schoolmates, and friends. Overall, our preschool program will help the child focus on his or her interpersonal skills and ultimately improve it.

Our skill building sets include positive learning through the following:

  • Self-help skills: eating by themselves, washing their hands, using tissue, etc.
  • Large motor skills including climbing, running, jumping
  • Fine motor skills, including cutting, pasting, drawing, solving simple puzzles
  • Independent choice-making and playing
  • Sense of confidence and self-worth
  • Awareness of others and their feelings
  • Enjoy playing with peers, learning to share, and cooperating with others
  • Beginning to use words instead of physical aggression
  • Enjoy reading books
  • Express curiosity about the surrounding world
  • Developing the ability to solve problems independently

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