Prepare your child for kindergarten with us.

At ABC Day School, our pre-kindergarten program aims to foster critical learning skills for your child. These skills will help him or her be ready for higher school years. This program aims to kick-start your child’s academic, social, and emotional development. We also aim to use this program to help your child transition from preschool to kindergarten to elementary school smoothly and without hassle. With the lessons that we share with our students, we strive to help them grow into intelligent, creative, and well-mannered children who seek knowledge.

The pre-kindergarten program includes:


  • Write and pronounce letters A-Z
  • Introduce phonic skills
  • Read 3 letter words
  • Listen to and read age appropriate books
  • Learn Nursery rhymes and songs
  • Express ideas by drawing and painting


  • Identify and write numbers up to 100
  • Sequence stories and name characters in stories
  • Introduce addition and subtraction concepts
  • Cognitive skills of matching, and sorting, patterns
  • Build with Legos or building blocks
  • Put together 30 to 40 piece puzzles
  • Name & draw shapes


  • Study nature and learn about animals, fish, birds, insects, flowers and vegetables.
  • Observe the weather and seasons
  • Use basic calendar skills


  • Understand and use simple sentences in conversation.
  • Understand meanings of Chinese words, phrases and sentences.
  • Listen and understand Chinese stories and answer simple questions.
  • Learn Chinese words for greetings, scriptures, numbers, shapes, colors, sizes
  • Express in Chinese family members, places, & events.
  • Recognize new Chinese characters each day.
  • Memorize Chinese rhymes and traditional poems
  • Sing Chinese songs
  • Color Chinese characters
  • Write Chinese characters with correct strokes

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