Bring out your little one’s gifts.

The first months of your child are truly a joyful time! These months are also vital for learning as this can be a great opportunity to introduce foundations into their future path toward education. At ABC Day School, we have created a way for babies to explore their world through interaction in our Infant Care program.

We maintain a safe and nurturing environment to develop the child emotionally, intellectually, socially, physically, and spiritually. These are some of the activities in the Infant Care program:

  • mimicking speech or other noises
  • exploring the relationship between object pertinence to basic activities
  • communicating and responding to various environmental stimuli
  • recognizing a variety of facial expressions, tones of speech, or laughter

Guaranteed, our Infant Care program is aimed toward the overall growth of your child. So, as they remain under our care for hours per day, we will make sure that they will receive the care and attention they need. Our caretakers are especially skilled when it comes to caring for infants and letting them explore in a clean and safe environment where they can play, sleep, and interact with other babies. With their interaction, we can ensure that they will learn how to interact with their peers as early as they can.

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