We put the fun in learning!

If your child can’t wait for school to end and summer to start, then ABC Day School will make sure that their time away from class will still productive and fun as much as possible. We facilitate Summer Programs in:

  • Art
  • Dance
  • Piano
  • Music

Our after school/summer school program is specially created for your kids to enjoy and explore. ABC Day School prepares these recreational activities for your child to experience new things along with their peers. We have designed this program to be both fun and educational with the integration of good character values to be instilled in your little angels.

During our after school/summer school program, we take into consideration the safety of your kids, so we have reliable staff and personnel who will be responsible for the close monitoring of your kids. We guarantee that all activities will be responsibly held in a safe environment. Also, we will also make it a point to always give out pamphlets or guides of each after school/summer school schedule, including its venue, time and date, activities, and personnel involved. With this, we aim to heighten your awareness for your child’s safety.

Thus, enroll your child at ABC Day School! We look forward to having lots of fun and learning time with your child this coming summer. We have hardworking faculty and staff who are very passionate and dedicated when it comes to educating children about new and exciting things. Our school guarantees a fun and educational time where your kids can learn new things that can benefit them for years to come.

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Should you wish to learn more about our school or enroll your child with us, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We would be more than glad to cater to your requests as soon as we can.