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Skill Building

  • Self help skills: having a meal by themselves, washing their own hands, using of tissue
  • Large motor skills including climbing, running, jumping
  • Fine motor skill including cutting, pasting, drawing, 3-5 pieces puzzles
  • Independent choice making and play
  • Sense of confidence and self-worth
  • Awareness of others and their feelings
  • Enjoy playing with peers, learn to share, and cooperate with others
  • Beginning to use words instead of physical aggression
  • Enjoy reading books
  • Express curiosity about surrounding world
  • Developing the ability to solve problems independently



  • Develop large muscles through running, galloping, balancing, skipping, marching, playing instruments, and moving with music.
  • Develop small muscles by cutting, drawing, writing, using pencils and crayons, pasting, painting, and manipulating objects.
  • Care for their bodies—help children develop good health habits: washing their hands, using of tissue, brushing their teeth, eating a balanced diet, exercising and putting clothes back on after using the toilet.

Social and Emotional

  • Model the behavior of significant adults
  • Try to decide what kind of people they want to be
  • Work with others
  • Learn acceptable models of behavior
  • Stay emotionally healthy by physically expressing their love
  • Sense of self-worth & positive self-esteem


  • Name familiar objects and express ideas
  • Express physical needs (thirsty, hungry, etc.)
  • Repeat songs, rhymes, finger plays
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